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Cooking you Korean burritos and more. @KERB_ lunches, Mon-Sun at @CamdenMarket, and private events. Contact:

"I started Kimchinary in early 2013 after a trip to South Korea and a big push from food startup initiative Kitchenette. The initial plan was to create a street food take on my favourite Korean dish samgyeopsal – grilled pork belly with ssamjang wrapped in lettuce with kimchi and other fermented and pickled sides. Trial and error developed this into tacos and when the weather got colder burritos – a year in California and big admiration for the likes of Roy Choi, David Chang and Edward Lee undoubtably inspired my food, too.

After almost two years of overloading a small and smelly car I finally bought and converted a van – a very slow moving 1974 electric milk float. From it we’ll continue to make Korean burritos (and the occasional taco) for day & night markets, parties and private events."

Hanna Söderlund


Camden Lock Market
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